Welcome to my personal page and blog.
My name is Sanzhar (산자르) Askaruly. I am from Astana, Kazakhstan.
Currently I pursue combined MS-PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at UNIST in South Korea.

Here I share a few stuff from time to time.
Take care and have fun!

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Research + Coursework

I am not that cool guy with lots of publications, or either high impact ones (However, I’d love to be one :D ). Anyway, here is the link to Google Scholar. My research interests include: Mobile Biomedical Device, Image Processing, Deep Learning in Optics.
During undergraduate classes at Nazarbayev University, I used to keep records of courseworks. If you are an interested one, please proceed with Academia.edu to find out more.


  1. MATLAB-Cody
    Solving programming problems is a good way to sharpen coding skills. Days back, I challenged to solve problems of basic and medium level in MATLAB. On this page, you can find the list of problems and corresponding solutions.

  2. awesome-classics
    I love books, especially classics. If you are a reader in Russian language, you may find this repo useful. Here is the small collection of descriptions and notes made from the books that I read, so you can check it out above.


In my free time some days earlier, I also was playing with some writing and poetry in Kazakh and Russian languages. Consequently, this turned out into small self-published ebooks. You can view them for free in Google Books:

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Fun projects


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